A new standard in magnetic filtration.

Mag-Shield catches more iron contamination than any other filter.

It’s really that simple.

Typical rod-style magnetic filters only catch iron contamination in the centre of your hydraulic system’s path. Rod magnetic filters miss most of the oil volume. Each time your oil cycles, most contamination easily passes the filter.

Rod style magnetic filters

Typical rod magnetic filter capture path

Our magnetic filters don’t miss a drop.

Mag-Shield’s patented design directs every drop of oil to pass through a powerful magnetic field, catching more iron contamination than any other magnetic filter on the market. Mag-Shield can even handle the intense amount of iron contamination during a failure. In fact, Mag-Shield prevents many system-wide hydraulic failures by stopping contamination before it reaches the whole system.

Mag-Shield magnetic filter

Mag-Shield magnetic filter capture path

Why OEM filters aren’t enough.

During normal wear-and-tear, there’s nothing wrong with a factory standard (OEM) filter. But during a failure,  your OEM filter is quickly overwhelmed by the amount of contamination in your hydraulic system.

Factory standard filters can’t handle failures

If one part of your hydraulic system fails, your OEM filter starts letting a lot of contamination through. In our industry, it’s normal for what begins as a hoist pump failure to end in a system-wide hydraulic failure. With an OEM filter, one part failing brings the entire system down.

System-wide hydraulic failures are your worst-case scenario

Anyone who works with heavy equipment knows system-wide hydraulic failures are expensive to repair, cause significant downtime, and generally waste a lot of company time and money.  That’s why it’s not enough to rely on your OEM filter.

Clean Mag-Shield

Magnetic Filters, clean Mag-Shield

Before a failure, a clean Mag-Shield looks much like this one.

Normal Duty Mag-Shield

Even during normal duty, Mag-Shield picks up damaging particles your oil analysis doesn’t see.

Post-Failure Mag-Shield

Magnetic Filters, dirty Mag-Shield

Without Mag-Shield, this thick layer of iron debris would end up in the hydraulic system.

Why choose Mag-Shield magnetic filters?

Mag-Shield magnetic filters and logo


Installing Mag-Shield doesn’t affect your factory warranty.


Requires no regular maintenance

Just pressure wash it off during hydraulic system maintenance or after a failure.


Compatible with most heavy equipment

Mag-Shield can fit most equipment out of the box or with a minor modification. Check out our compatible equipment list for details.


Lifespan of 20 years

With a 20 year component life, you might never need to replace Mag-Shield.

See the difference Mag-Shield makes.

Get Mag-Shield working for your business.