Preventing hydraulic failure with magnetic filtration

What we do at BAY6 Solutions

BAY6 Solutions Inc. created the Mag-Shield® magnetic filter to prevent (most) system-wide hydraulic failures in heavy equipment like front-end loaders, excavators, dozers and mining trucks. When failure does happen, it’s less severe in machines with Mag-Shields. Our clients work in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, agriculture and construction industries, where machine downtime and repairs cost millions every day.

Why the Mag-Shield magnetic filter

Over decades of experience, Roger Marchand and Doug Tschetter saw hydraulic system failures time and time again. Planners were constantly forced to redo work schedules and operations managers worried about lost time. On top of the extra planning and downtime, every failure also cost hundreds of thousands to repair.

To be productive, you need your equipment available every possible working hour. In the mining, oil and gas, industrial, agriculture and construction sectors, time is literally money. So how can you prevent hydraulic failures and make failures that do happen less serious?

Roger and Doug landed on the Mag-Shield magnetic filter as the key. Unlike some magnetic filters on the market, Mag-Shields direct each drop of oil to through the filter. Because of their unique design, Mag-Shields are much more effective hydraulic system filters other magnetic filter options, and perform better during a failure than OEM filters.

Ultimately, BAY6 Solutions clients spend less money on repairs, have less downtime, and see far fewer failures once they install Mag-Shield filters. Check out our case study to see the dramatic difference.

Roger Marchand

Roger Marchand


Roger Marchand started in the automotive industry in the early 1970s with Chrysler Canada. He became a journeyman Automotive Service Technician and Heavy Equipment Technician in the late 70s. In 1986 he moved to NAIT in Edmonton, Alberta as an  instructor and program developer of automotive and heavy equipment trade programs. During his 21 years teaching and designing classes, Roger also developed and delivered factory training programs for General Motors of Canada. Together with Doug Tschetter, COO, Roger owns several patents on various magnetic filtration technologies.

Doug Tschetter

Doug Tschetter

Chief Operations Officer

Doug Tschetter began his career as a Heavy Equipment Operator in the mid-1970s, but his true passion was repairing anything he found broken. This quickly led to a career in the automotive industry, where he specialized in overhauling differentials, hydraulic steering systems and brake systems. Over the years, Doug expanded his technical abilities into electrical and fuel system diagnosis and held a teaching position for Automotive Service Technicians at NAIT. By 2004 he was managing a large hydraulic hose building shop and fleet of trucks in the greater Edmonton area.