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How a Northern Alberta oilsands project saved $6,000,000 on hydraulic system repairs

Our client, a Northern Alberta oil sands project, installed Mag-Shields® on their fleet of Caterpillar 797s after experiencing years of expensive and repeat failures. Mag-Shields prevent some  hydraulic failures and makes failures that do happen less costly with less downtime.

The Problem

Our client saw repeated hoist pump failures which turned into system-wide hydraulic failures. On average, their fleet of 84 Caterpillar 797 haul trucks had six failures a year. Each hydraulic system failure cost up to $350,000 to repair and took a haul truck out of service for about 300 hours.  

The Solution

After a successful trial with Mag-Shield magnetic filters in a problem vehicle, our client put them in each of their 84 haul trucks. In just five years, the saved costs and downtime were dramatic. 


The Results

million saved on repairs

downtime hours saved

system-wide or comeback failures

*Results represent the five year period of 2009-2014.

The Impact

As our client discovered, Mag-Shields prevent some failures and make failures that do happen less costly with less downtime. Over five years with Mag-Shields installed in 84 vehicles, our client saved $6 million in hydraulic system repairs, avoided almost 8,000 downtime hours, and practically eliminated system-wide and comeback failures.


As professional engineer, consultant, educator and mining equipment performance researcher, I view BAY6 Solution Inc’s Mag‐Shield® system as a major step forward in striving for best practice in mining tools hydraulic systems maintenance.

Most hydraulic system service and failures fall under unplanned maintenance. They are commonly low hour, recurrent and catastrophic; frequently perceived as “unavoidable”. Oil filtration and analysis programs are reactive and limited in their ability to control and predict failures. BAY6 Solution Inc’s Mag-Shield® system effectively mitigates common failures by use of high‐energy “magnetic screening”.

Dr. Tim Joseph, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCIM.

Program Director & Professor, Mining Engineering, University of Alberta

Our CNRL site reported a 930E front wheel bearing failure was turned around in a fraction of the time it usually takes compared to a truck without Mag-Shields: repair costs were lower, down time far less and the truck did not return with secondary failures as is most common with this type of failure.

Attached is a photo of the reservoir Mag-Shields after a cylinder failure on E8501 (Hitachi 850). The captured material that would of spread through the machine saved NACG a lot of money as we did not have to disassemble the hydraulic system for major cleaning.  It is hard to be exact, but actual saving estimate is greater than $70,000 to over $100,000. These estimates are compared to previous cylinder failures we have experienced when we did not have Mag-Shields.

Once repaired, they don’t come back.

Michael Hynes

Superintendent of Reliability, North American Construction Group

Our Clients

These companies use Mag-Shield magnetic filters in their fleets.

  • Aecon Mining Division
  • Alberta Newsprint
  • Anglo American
  • Diavik Diamond Mine
  • Finning International
  • Kinross Gold
  • KMC Mining
  • Komatsu America
  • North American Construction Group
  • Prairie Mines and Royalty Limited
  • Teck Coal
  • Teck HVC
  • Shell Canada Energy
  • SMS Equipment
  • Suncor Energy
  • Sunhills Mining LLP
  • Syncrude Canada
  • Trinidad Drilling

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