We stand for effective prevention of hydraulic system failure.

Efficiency is great. Effectiveness is better.


What's the difference?

Efficiency is about doing things right – in the right order and at the right time. In the quest to meet industry demand for efficiency, sometimes no one pays attention to whether an efficient system actually achieves the goal. An effective solution doesn’t just do things right, it does the right things to get results.


Efficiency isn't enough.

An OEM filtration system is very efficient. It filters fine contamination during normal wear and tear. But when there’s a hydraulic system failure, the OEM filter is overwhelmed. It may even let unfiltered oil into the fluid system, creating more problems and a higher repair bill.


Our approach is effective.

We pride ourselves on effectiveness. Our magnetic filters prevent many hydraulic system failures and make the ones that happen much less serious. You save on repairs and get back to work faster. We do things right, but more importantly, we do the right things.

Our Values


Your team’s safety is our first priority.


We conduct ourselves in the spirit of fairness and honesty.


We swear by personal, timely service.


Our clients’ victories are our victories.


Business happens between people, not companies.

Ready to save time and money on hydraulic system failures?