Stop hydraulic system failure in its tracks.

A new class of magnetic filter.

Prevent hydraulic system failure with Mag-Shield magnetic filters

Introducing Mag-Shield.

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Save time and money.


Prevent hydraulic system failure.

Mag-Shield magnetic filters capture more iron debris than other magnetic or OEM filters, so machines with Mag-Shields have fewer failures.

Reduce your repair bill.

Not all failures are preventable. Mag-Shield reduces the impact of these inevitable failures, which means you pay less in repair costs.

Get back to work faster.

When you prevent hydraulic system failures and make failures that do happen less severe,  your machine spends more time doing its job.

How Our Client Saved Over $6,000,000 on Repairs

Mag-Shield prevents hydraulic system failure on CAT 797

One of our clients, a North American oil sands project, was losing over a million dollars a year to hydraulic system failures. 

On average, their fleet of Caterpillar 797 haul trucks had six hydraulic failures a year. Each failure cost up to $350,000 to repair, not including the 300 hours of time lost to having a truck pulled out of service.

Maintenance and scheduling programs were pushing their deadlines further and further back to deal with over 1,000 hours of downtime a year

To prevent hydraulic system failure whenever possible, our client installed Mag-Shield on each of their 84 fleet vehicles. The short version of their story is that they saved over $6 million in just five years.

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